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Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society in Social Sciences
International Honor Society in Social Sciences
Pi Gamma Mu®
International Honor Society
in Social Sciences
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Pi Gamma Mu Chapter Charter Application Form

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Every chapter must have at least one Chapter Sponsor who is a faculty or staff member of the college or university.  Students may not serve as Chapter Sponsors or Treasurer although they can (and should) serve as student officers of the chapter. 
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Please list your regional accrediting agency and provide the date of your institutional accreditation. Information regarding other relevant accreditations is welcome.
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Please check the majors and minors that students can pursue at your institution in the disciplines listed below. Feel free to also add additional areas of study related to the social sciences that you think are relevant.
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Describe the library and other facilities available to your students to support high quality training in the Social Sciences on your campus:
Statement of Interest & Purpose:
Please provide a general statement of why you are interested in starting a Pi Gamma Mu chapter at your institution and why you think you will/can be successful. Besides honoring students in the social-science disciplines, what other activities do you expect to emphasize in your Pi Gamma Mu chapter?
Institutional Support and Authorization:
Do you have adequate institutional support and authorization to establish a chapter of Pi Gamma Mu at your institution?  Please describe.
Please provide the contact information of a Dean or higher level administrator whom we could contact to verify institutional authorization of this application.  (A letter of support from a Dean or higher level administrator is encouraged but not required.)
Please also describe the level of support from other social science faculty on your campus.
Charter Members:
Have you identified a minimum of fifteen potential Charter Members, including at least ten students, whom you would induct into the chapter during its first year?

If No, explain:

How did you find out about Pi Gamma Mu? 
Chapter Contract: 
I hereby affirm my willingness, if a chapter is organized, to assume personal responsibility for transmitting fees and enrollment forms to the international office.  This form must be completed by the faculty or staff member willing to serve as Chapter Sponsor.
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