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Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society in Social Sciences
International Honor Society in Social Sciences
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Annual Chapter Report

Pi Gamma Mu Annual Chapter Report Form

Chapter Annual Reports are due on August 15.

Mail to: Pi Gamma Mu, 1001 Millington, Suite B, Winfield, KS 67156
or complete the electronic form below.

The following information is important to ΠΓΜ Headquarters in maintaining effective communications with our chapters and chapter sponsors.

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General Information

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Organization Improvement

Does you chapter need recruiting materials?
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Pi Gamma Mu Communications


The Pi Gamma Mu Newsletter is an important communication link for chapters, now sent out via email. Are you receiving announcements and the Pi Gamma Mu Newsletter from the Listserv?
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If not, follow the subscription instructions at
What can Headquarters, your regional chancellor or governor do to assist you?
What is your overall evaluation of Pi Gamma Mu?  Are there any improvements that the organization as a whole (Headquarters and Board of Trustees) can do that to make Pi Gamma Mu better?
How many times have you contacted the international office?  On a scale of 1-10 what was your overall satisfaction?  Please explain….
Did you know that there are Pi Gamma Mu Student Representatives that serve on the Board of Trustees?  If yes or no, what do you expect of your Student Representatives?
What areas of operations is your chapter struggling in?  i.e. Recruitment, Service Projects, Finances, Social Events, Governance Structure, etc….

IRS Reporting Requirement*

Pi Gamma Mu is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.  Presumably, each chapter would like to be tax-exempt, too (otherwise, you will have to pay income tax on your revenue, including initiation fees!).  The international office staff is willing to help protect your chapter’s tax-exempt status by reporting on your behalf on the Form 990 that we submit to the Internal Revenue Service.  But, in order to do that for you, we need you to answer the following question:

Do you have gross revenues over $5,000? * No          Yes
Do you have gross revenues over $25,000? * No          Yes
Starting Balance*
Chapter Dues*
*What do you do with your chapter dues?
Ending Balance*

Yearly Stats & Activity

The following information is used by the Awards Committee in making determination of chapters deserving consideration for the Rolls of Distinction and Merit.  Chapters named to the Roll of Distinction are strongly active chapters that evidence activity and programming that reflect the overall ideals of Pi Gamma Mu and contribute significantly to their institutions and communities.  Chapters named to the Roll of Merit are active chapters that represent similar activities, but at a somewhat lower level.

How many new members did you initiate last year?
Students     Faculty     Others
Compared to the previous year, did your membership....
Increase        Decrease        Remain stable

How would you rate the image of your chapter on campus?

Overall evaluation of your year:

Activities Summary

Provide a summary of your chapter's activities this past academic year, plus details of special programs, meetings, initiations, trips or tours, guest lecturers, or service projects (attach copies of programs, press releases or publicity, news coverage, letters, photographs, etc., that verify such activity).

Activities are unique to each chapter.  The nature of these activities will reflect the goals and membership of each chapter, and sometimes the nature of the institution.  Some chapters support only one significant event each year, while others are involved in a variety of smaller activities.  The number or nature of activities is up to each chapter, but in the end what is important is how those activities impact locally.

A project may include donation of money, goods, services, or time that supports philanthropic and/or educational activities either on campus or in the broader community.  Such projects should be officially sanctioned by the ΠΓΜ chapter and demonstrate participation by chapter members; participation in social-service activities by individual ΠΓΜ members as members of another organization should not be included unless there is official sponsorship by the ΠΓΜ chapter.

It is important that you provide as detailed and well-documented a description of your chapter's activities as possible.  Make your case for consideration.


How has COVID-19 impacted your college/university and your chapter and how do you think COVID-19 will affect your chapter in 2020-2021?

Who prepared this annual report?
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Thank you for your participation in filling out this report.  The officers of Pi Gamma Mu use the information compiled in these Annual Reports throughout the year when making decisions regarding the organization.   Your contribution is very important.