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Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society in Social Sciences
International Honor Society in Social Sciences
Pi Gamma Mu®
International Honor Society
in Social Sciences
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Requirements for Membership

Pi Gamma Mu offers the following categories of memberships:

  1. Undergraduate Student Members — Any undergraduate student who attends a college or university with a Pi Gamma Mu chapter and who has completed at least 37.5 (thirty-seven point five) percent of the total hours/credits required to graduate for his/her degree (e.g. if a degree requires the completion of 120 semester hours/credits, the student must have completed 45 hours/credits) may be invited to membership if s/he meets the criteria specified in these Bylaws and chapter requirements.

    Criteria include:
    1. Completion of at least twenty semester hours/credits in the Social Sciences as specified in Article 1, Section 4 of these Bylaws. The faculty sponsor shall have wide discretion regarding which courses with significant Social Sciences content will count. Transfer and dual credit hours in the Social Sciences, accepted by the institution, may be considered once a student has completed one full-time quarter or semester at that institution, home of the chapter from which membership is sought.
    2. having an average grade of "B" or better in all Social Sciences courses.
    3. ranking in the top 35 percent of their respective class. Sponsors of chapters at institutions that do not have class rank data available should contact International Headquarters to discuss alternative measurements for class rank.
    4. Students need not have a major or minor in the Social Sciences to qualify for membership.
  2. Graduate or Professional Student Members – Graduate or professional students attending a college or university with an active Pi Gamma Mu chapter may be invited for membership upon completion of nine graduate hours in social science-related coursework, with a minimum of a B grade average.
  3. Faculty or Professional Staff Members – Any member of the faculty or professional staff at an institution with a Pi Gamma Mu chapter, including those in administration, research, and extension staff, may be invited to membership by the chapter.
  4. Alumni Members – Alumni Members are former Student Members who are no longer associated with a chapter. Alumni Members are encouraged to continue their association with PiGamma Mu through any chapter and the International Triennial Convention.  They may not vote in Society or chapter elections but, when/if attending a Triennial Convention, are able to caucus with the delegation from their home chapter. Alumni who wish to receive the Pi Gamma Mu Newsletter may do so by sending current email information to International Headquarters to avoid being dropped from the newsletter distribution list.
  5. Honorary Members – The Board of Trustees, from time to time, may recognize distinguished service in the Social Sciences by election of persons who, by their accomplishments, merit recognition as Honorary Members. Additionally, active chapters may recognize distinguished service in the Social Sciences by election of no more than one person per year, if that person merits recognition as an Honorary Member. Chapters that choose to elect an Honorary Member shall submit to International Headquarters a completed membership card and pay the required membership fees. An Honorary Member receives a certificate and a membership card, and the Society's key pin.

Faculty chapter sponsors invite eligible students and send membership application forms along with an institutional check to headquarters where memberships are processed.  Alternatively, chapter sponsors use our online system which allows invited students to register and pay online, directly to our office, using a credit card.  Our office will ship certificates directly to chapter sponsors for distribution to members unless you make other arrangements with our office. 

Chapters may also assess local dues.  The international lifetime membership fee is $50. This one-time fee includes lifetime membership in the society (no annual membership renewal bills will be sent to you), a handsome certificate suitable for framing, a membership card, a gold-plated key pin, and our email newsletter.  

Membership in Pi Gamma Mu is a valuable asset and may increase the Civil Service rating at which a person enters federal service.  In addition, other employers look for honor society status on resumes.