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The mission of Pi Gamma Mu is to encourage and promote excellence in the social sciences and to uphold the ideals of scholarship and service.


The National Security Education Program (NESP)

International experience is crucial to a competitive résumé and to develop skills to work in the global arena. The National Security Education Program (NSEP) David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarships are intended to provide support to U.S. undergraduates who will pursue the study of languages and cultures currently underrepresented in study abroad and critical to U.S. national security.

NSEP focuses on geographic areas, languages, and fields of study deemed critical to U.S. national security. It draws on a broad definition of national security applied by the president of the United States in his annual National Security Strategy, recognizing that the scope of national security has expanded to include not only the traditional concerns of protecting and promoting American well-being, but also the challenges of global society, including  sustainable development, environmental degradation, global disease and hunger, population growth and migration, and economic competitiveness.

The NSEP service requirement stipulates that an award recipient work in the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, or State, or the Intelligence Community. There is also an expectation that NSEP scholars will use the language or regional expertise acquired as a result of the award in their work for the U.S. government.

Additional information and an online application are available at the NSEP Web site: To contact the NSEP office by mail: National Security Education Program, David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarships, Institute of International Education, 1400 K Street N.W., Washington, DC 20005, or call 800-618-NSEP or E-mail: [email protected].

You might also want to check out the IIEPassport materials which help students find the right program and provide advisors with tools to help counsel students and promote study abroad. The IIEPassport Study Abroad Directories and the online search engine include detailed information on more than 7500 study-abroad programs worldwide. The online search engine at allows one to search by country or subject to find the study-abroad funding information that she needs.

The Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS)

The Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) has partnered with three organizations to assist in giving scholarships to student members of honor societies affiliated with the ACHS. Pi Gamma Mu has been a member of the ACHS since 1953. These three opportunities are as follows:

ACHS and Washington Internship Institute (WII) are pleased to announce that all inducted student members of the ACHS societies are eligible to apply for a $500 merit-based scholarship for the ACHS/WII Washington Internship Program.

Colleges and universities have several choices among internship programs in Washington, D. C., and each program has its virtues. In designing the WII programs, WII has made every effort to provide a quality internship program that would meet accreditation standards and provide powerful learning experiences for students. There are several reasons for WII’s success.

  • Individualized, personal attention.
  • Because of its small size, the WII interacts with all students personally and individually throughout their time in Washington. Simply put, the staff knows every student and keeps in close touch with him before, during, and after his participation in the program. This is the only internship program in Washington in which the key administrators also teach the students every semester. WII is the only program that offers an Experiential Education seminar that complements the internship.

  • Economical package of services.
  • The personalized internship placement, housing, student activities, and academic-creditworthy classes are not only unmatched in Washington, but are also provided at a very economical cost. This, plus the program’s need-based and merit-based scholarships, ensures that every student can have a substantive internship experience in Washington.

  • Substantive opportunities for all majors.
  • WII’s students intern four days per week, full-time, thereby gaining greater professional experience than in other programs. Four days a week allow students to be given substantive assignments and to be fully integrated into the professional environment. There are programs that limit students to working only two days a week and thus the professional experience is diminished.

    The “Capital Experience” internship program welcomes all majors and allows students the widest latitude in choosing the internships that best fit their interests. For example, communications majors have interned with news-media outlets; economics majors have interned with think tanks; pre-law students have interned in the legal system. An elective class complements their internship and makes Washington, D. C., their classroom.

    The WII’s distinctive "Embassy and Diplomatic Scholars" internship program gives students an opportunity no one else can match: interning and doing substantive work at a host of international organizations, including foreign embassies, Amnesty International, and the State Department, while taking a “practical” international-relations course from a retired U.S. diplomat with extensive academic experience.

    Two years ago, in cooperation with the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), WII started the “Faculty Fellows Internship Program,” which enables faculty members to broaden their professional, disciplinary, and personal horizons. Participants investigate applied areas of knowledge, develop skills, and explore the systems and policies of their host organizations or agencies.

  • Strong international focus.
  • Globalization has underlined the importance of student understanding of other cultures as well as their own. Each semester, a solid proportion of the WII’s student body is international students, who live and study together with their American counterparts, enhancing the growth of each.

    Please contact Mary Ryan at  [email protected] or 202-833-8580, if you have any questions, or link to WII:

    In recognition of the outstanding academic achievements of ACHS honor-society students, The Washington Center (TWC) is pleased to award $1000 housing scholarships to selected students who are members of ACHS honor societies.

    Why should one intern with The Washington Center?

    The Washington Center is a leading nonprofit educational organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. It provides undergraduates, graduate students, and professionals from the United States and abroad with internship-centered academic terms in the nation’s capital and selected cities abroad. TWC enables students to gain the experience needed for entry-level employment and to prepare for lives of achievement, engagement, and leadership. Founded in 1975, TWC has enrolled over 45,000 students in its various programs.
    The many advantages of interning with The Washington Center include:

    • A large staff knowledgeable about thousands of internships in the D.C. area that helps to provide an excellent match of an internship directly related to one’s field of interest.
    • Regular contact with thousands of potential internship sites in the D.C. area, so that the staff can refer students to some of the best internships in Washington, D.C.
    • Paying special attention to early deadlines, competitive placements, and agencies that require background and security checks, giving our students opportunities that others might miss.
    • Providing additional programming that includes such activities as embassy visits, visits to the offices of members of Congress, site visits to organizations relevant to one’s professional goals, and a lecture series that brings highly notable individuals to speak to Washington Center students.
    • An opportunity to network with a highly diverse student body that consists of students from most U.S. states; Puerto Rico; nations abroad, including Canada and Mexico; and the continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

    Web site:

    Washington, D. C., Internship Program Components:

    Internship (4-4½ days/week): a substantive, hands-on work experience with an organization—business, nonprofit, international or governmental—that can greatly enhance students’ résumés, provide them with additional skills, and further their career goals. Options are available to students in all majors. Washington Center program advisors refer students’ materials to multiple internship sites that are a good fit and provide support to students throughout their term in Washington.

  • Academic Course (1 evening/week): chosen from among approximately 40-50 offered each term, TWC classes are taught by adjunct faculty members—often practitioners in their fields. Courses are held for three hours one night per week and range across many disciplines.
  • Leadership Forum (½ to 1 day/week): a set of programming events that may include lectures, speakers, a visit to Capitol Hill, small group meetings, embassy visits, tours, civic-engagement activities, and the creation of a portfolio that documents student learning for academic credit.
  • Program components for the Sophomore Exploration Program, Postgraduate Professional Development Program, and Intern Abroad Programs may differ—check The Washington Center Web site.

    Washington, D.C.-Area Housing:

    The Washington Center’s new main housing facility is located just eight blocks from Capitol Hill and close to Union Station. Apartments in this new six-story building are mostly shared two-bedroom apartments with high-speed Internet, basic cable TV, and local phone service included. Other amenities include a fitness center, computer room, and a common area, as well as state-of-the-art classrooms and an auditorium. In the summer, The Washington Center rents additional apartments with similar amenities in the Maryland and/or Northern Virginia areas, also close to public transportation

    ACHS Scholarships

    The Washington Center has designated three scholarships per society per year in the amount of $1000 per award. The awards are applied toward the cost of Washington Center housing. Students may be eligible to receive a higher award, based upon their school, state, special grants, placement funding, or other sources available at the time of application. Washington Center financial assistance is not cumulative. Only the highest award for which the student qualifies is granted.

    How to Apply for the Scholarship

    An applicant must check off the box on The Washington Center’s internship application, indicating  that she is a member of an ACHS member honor society, or E‑mail the program office at [email protected] to indicate her eligibility. To verify membership, a student must provide one of the following: (1) a copy of her membership certificate (2) a cover letter or E‑mail from her chapter representative, or (3) another verifiable document indicating membership in the society.

    For general TWC application procedures, visit and click on the links to the internship application page. Applications will be reviewed on the basis of quality of preparation, demonstration of a clear sense of purpose and direction for the internship, and demonstration of leadership in the student's academic field, prospective career field, or community.

    Washington Center Program Costs

    The amount that students pay for program costs varies by home institution, depending upon the credit and tuition or fee arrangements on each individual campus. Please contact the program office at [email protected] to determine who your campus liaison may be or for more information. About  75 percent of Washington Center students receive some form of financial assistance.


    Students must fully complete a Washington Center internship application and meet general Washington Center eligibility standards (i.e., minimum 2.75 GPA, and undergraduates must receive at least 1 hour of academic credit) and should aim to apply by the following deadlines to be considered for the award. Recent college graduates who apply for the Postgraduate Professional Development Program are not required to receive academic credit, but they must fully participate in the program.

    Term Applying

    Application Deadline*

    Number of Awards per
    Honor Society**

    Spring Semester or Spring Quarter

    October 1


    Summer Term or Quarter

    February 1


    Fall Semester or Quarter

    May 1


    *Check the website for the latest information on deadlines:
    ** Number of awards accumulate within a one-year period if awards are not made in one or two previous semesters/term.

    For more information, please visit the program’s Web site at and fill out the request for information so that the staff can keep you up to date on Washington Center programs.
    Contact them in any of the following ways:
    E‑mail: [email protected]
    Phone: 202-238-7900
    Toll free: 800-486-8921

    ACHS and The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) are pleased to announce that one inducted student member of each of the ACHS-affiliated honor societies will be awarded a merit-based $1000 scholarship for a TFAS Summer Institute or Capital Semester.

    For more than 40 years, The Fund for American Studies, in partnership with Georgetown University, has been educating student leaders from across the nation and world. It offers summer and semester institutes that combine rigorous courses for academic credit with competitive internships, leadership-development activities, and lectures led by prominent policy experts.

    For years, honor students have been the best and brightest participants, as they are most capable of taking advantage of all aspects of the intense Institutes. These summer and semester programs are a great addition to the leadership development that students receive on their respective campuses.

    The scholarships will be awarded by TFAS on a competitive basis and will be applied toward each recipient’s overall cost. No money will be paid directly to the scholarship recipients. Additional scholarship funding above the $1000 is available from the general scholarship fund for students who are members of ACHS-affiliated honor societies.

    The TFAS programs ensure that students leave the nation’s capital with solid practical training, leadership skills, and a unique networking experience that will give them the edge to succeed as future leaders. Students live in furnished apartments in the heart of the city and are enrolled as full-time students at Georgetown University.

    The following institutes are available:

    • Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems: for economics, political-science, international-relations majors, or anyone interested in government or politics.
    • Institute on Political Journalism: for journalism, communications, or public-relations majors, or any student with journalism experience.
    • Institute on Business and Government Affairs: for business or political-science majors with an interest in government affairs, or anyone interested in lobbying and the public-policy process.
    • Capital Semester (Fall & Spring): for students interested in spending a semester in Washington, most majors include government, political science, economics, journalism, business, public policy, or international relations.

    Apply online at

    Academic Studies Abroad

    The Academic Studies Abroad programs for summer and fall 2012, held in Ireland, Spain, France, Italy and England, Argentina, Chile and Costa Rica, are soliciting applications. ASA offers summer, trimester, semester and academic-year study-abroad programs. Academic Studies Abroad is a leader in affordable study-abroad programs that allow students to earn college credits while abroad. Students come from all over the United States and from over 300 colleges and universities. Prices and deadlines vary – check the Web site for more information: or call 888-845-4272.

    John Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth

    Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth has a summer program designed to inspire young people by offering distinctive educational opportunities that nurture intellectual abilities, advance academic achievement, and enhance personal development for students from the second to the seventh grade who are very bright.  Instructional assistants are college students with a commitment to education and an understanding of the particular challenges of working with students in an intense environment. One can earn $1300 per three-week session. Room and board are provided at residential sites where each staff member gets his/her own room in a college residence hall.

    At CTY, a teaching assistant will work with an exceptional group of students, make contacts and friendships with dynamic colleagues, and gain valuable experience in a rigorous academic community. CTY has consistently been named as one of the top internships in leading publications. We have a network of past employees now working in positions ranging from heads of school to deans of students to university professors.

    Core dates for 2012 are:

    Session 1: June 21 - July 14, 2012
    Session 2: July 14 - August 4, 2012

    While application consideration begins in January, there is no cutoff date. The program continues to hire on an as-needed basis through the beginning of the programs. However, the earlier that the program office receives one’s application, the more likely it will be that there is an available position that matches his interest and experience.

    The 2012 CTY Summer Employment Application is available online at If you have questions about summer employment with CTY, write to [email protected], call 410-735-6185, or check out the Web site for more details:

    British Studies Program

    British Studies Program - In July 2012 students will once again have the opportunity to study political science in London through a four-week course offered by the British Studies Program.

    A participant may spend one month living and learning in central London, and earn 6 hours of undergraduate or graduate academic credit.  She may live in the King's College hall of residence, located adjacent to Waterloo Station, the River Thames, and the South Bank Arts Complex. Situated in the very heart of London, the residence hall provides unparalleled access to the principal attractions of the metropolis. The theatre district, Covent Garden, the Royal Festival Hall, the National Theatre, the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, and Piccadilly Circus are all within easy walking distance.

    Tuition, Fees, Housing* & Flight

    Tuition, Fees & Housing* (no-flight)

    Feel free to contact the office with any questions regarding this course or the program in general. For more information about the program visit its Web site:







    *Excludes mini-break housing



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