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The mission of Pi Gamma Mu is to encourage and promote excellence in the social sciences and to uphold the ideals of scholarship and service.

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If you have joined Pi Gamma Mu this spring, this is the first newsletter you will receive.  We are very happy to have you join our organization.  Your name has been added to our mailing list, and you will remain on this list as long as you wish to receive our newsletters.  There is information at the bottom of the page to make changes to your subscription when necessary.


Anytime you move, such as after graduation, please notify the Pi Gamma Mu office immediately.  This will prevent your mailings from being interrupted or discontinued.  The International Social Science Review is not forwarded by the post office, so we don't know if you receive it.  Just mail a change of address card, post card, letter, email or go to our website to change your address information.  We need your name, as well as your old and new address.


ReportAnnual Report forms will be mailed to chapter sponsors in August.  It is very important that all sponsors fill it out and return to headquarters by September 1.  We will put the form on our website soon for those of you who would like to send it back that way.  We appreciate each sponsor taking the few minutes to complete and return this report.


As many of you know, we have joined with Harris Connect to publish the first-ever list of Pi Gamma Mu members.  You can write about your life since joining Pi Gamma Mu and give us a photo to include with your information. We don't want even one member of Pi Gamma Mu to be omitted from this directory!  If you have not heard from Harris Connect, or have received information from them, but not contacted them yet, please call 800-653-8765 today so you will be included in this directory.

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The Awards Committee of the Pi Gamma Mu Board of Trustees announced their decision on the Roll of Distinction and Roll of Merit at the annual meeting in October.

The Rolls are the result of the decision by the Awards Committee on the basis of the annual reports filed by responsible chapter officers.  Among the criteria reported are facts indicative of the activity and effectiveness of the chapter on its campus, as well as its efficiency of operation according to procedures suggested or required by the international organization of Pi Gamma Mu.  This includes chapter organization and participation by faculty and students, election and initiation of members, and financial responsibility.  Local initiative in developing new activities or methods of operation is especially noted.


Pennsylvania Alpha Nu chapterOne of the ideals of Pi Gamma Mu is Social Service, and, as the ritual for initiation states, “The pursuit of our ideals requires giving freely, fully, and joyously of our time, talent, and energy.  The fruit of our scholarship, science, and idealism is reaped through service to others for the benefit of all humanity, and this, in turn, requires the cooperation, dedication, passion and participation of all people and of all the social sciences.”

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Pi Gamma Mu KeyIf you have not done so recently, check out the Pi Gamma Mu website (www.pigammamu.org).  During the board of trustees meeting last fall, several suggestions were made for improvements to the website.  We have been busy this spring accomplishing these suggestions.

There is now a listing of our active Pi Gamma Mu chapters (Chapters drop-down menu).  This listing can be sorted by state and region. Names of chapter sponsors and their contact email information is also on this list.


The White House recently found time to lay out a plan to fix one of the biggest issues facing America. Amazingly enough, I’m not talking about healthcare, either.  The very important topic the President and his team has been dealing with lately is a different type of reform – education reform.

I’ll admit education reform likely is not as high on Google’s “most searched terms” list as healthcare. However, in mid-March, President Obama sent a “blue print” to Congress proposing changes to No Child Left Behind (NCLB). But looking at the possible NCLB change from a broad perspective, it appears to be cheered and criticized in a fashion similar to the healthcare bill.

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Honor Cords With graduation on the horizon for many Pi Gamma Mu members, don't forget to order your honor cords. They are royal blue and white twisted nylon cords with royal blue tassels. To get your graduation cords, send a check or money order for $15 (plus $2.95 postage and handling) to the Pi Gamma Mu headquarters at 1001 Millington, Suite B, Winfield, KS 67156 or phone headquarters (620-221-3128) and give us your credit card number; we will put them in the mail right away.


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