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The mission of Pi Gamma Mu is to encourage and promote excellence in the social sciences and to uphold the ideals of scholarship and service.


After much deliberation on the part of the Scholarship Committee, Chairman Dr. Clara Small recommended the following scholarship winners to the Board of Trustees.  Each of these candidates has met the expectations of the trustees who are pleased to award the scholarships to:

The Marvel Stockwell Scholarship of $2,000 was given to Ashley Davis (left). She graduated from University of Mary Hardin-Baylor where she joined the Texas Zeta chapter.  She is now attending Indiana University and plans to receive her Masters Degree in Public Affairs with an emphasis on Global Policy Studies/International Development.  Davis stated that she "wants to pursue an international career with a nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable development in the less affluent areas of the world."  She believes that "globalization has also created an unprecedented level of awareness to human suffering.  Such cognizance generates a level of responsibility for capable individuals to take action.  It is unacceptable to remain insular, ignoring avoidable human suffering attributable to the lack of adequate food, medical attention and critical infrastructure."

Tamra Aguilera (right) is the recipient of the $2,000 Carroll Parish Scholarship.  She joined the North Carolina Epsilon chapter at Appalachian State University.  She is now in the Individuals and Families program working toward her degree in Social Work at Appalachian State University.  Aguilera has a desire to help women and children heal from substance abuse and domestic violence.  She knows "the recovery and healing process require perseverance, commitment, dedication, and a willingness in order for these processes to work.  My future goal is to develop and provide a safe supportive environment conducive to making positive lifestyle changes."

Winner of the $2,000 Effie Urquhart Scholarship is Dana Terry (left) from the Florida Zeta chapter at Florida State University.  She is now matriculating at Seton Hall University's Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations.  Terry reports that, "I believe in building bridges.  Diplomatic bridges that pave the way for peace building, regional stability, cultural reconciliation, and understanding are imperative to our national security as well as the improvement of our world.  My dream is to build the kind of bridges that will help to resolve intercultural disputes, foster peace and understanding, and improve our global relations while contributing to sustainable development, human rights, and conflict transformation."  She plans to become fluent in Russian while at Seton Hall, then possibly studying or interning in Russia.

The Dan Quigley Law Scholarship, which honors the memory of Pi Gamma Mu's long-time corporate attorney, is given to Katelyn McCombs (right). McCombs is a member of Pi Gamma Mu through the North Carolina Mu chapter at Campbell University.  She is now matriculating at Wake Forest University School of Law.  She received a Bachelor's Degree in History, with Minors in Financial Planning and Business Administration.  Her desire is to become an attorney either in the field wealth management or a military career through the military's Judge Advocate General program.

The following, in alphabetical order, were chosen for the $1,000 Pi Gamma Mu scholarships:

Annie Azriel (left) joined Pi Gamma Mu through the Illinois Gamma chapter at Bradley University.  She is now attending the University of Illinois, Chicago.  Azriel stated that she "has been working at FamilyCore in their Child Welfare division as a Child Welfare Caseworker for Foster Children."  While there she has "had the ability to make a difference in a child's life each and every day by doing things as small as giving them a hug, playing a game, getting them a snack when they really did not want to go to bed hungry another night, or by having the very difficult conversation as to why their parents were no longer in their life."

Wynter Bryant (right) joined the Louisiana Eta chapter at Grambling State University.  She will begin matriculating at the University of Louisiana at Monroe in the spring to obtain a Master's Degree in Clinical/Neuropsychology.  Bryant stated that, after her mother's massive stroke several years ago, she plans to "focus my research on brain aneurisms and their true damage to not only the nervous system, but to the entire physiology of the human body."  Psychology derives from in-depth studies of the "physiological make-up of the brain and how it influences behavior from person to person."  She is highly passionate about helping others and making her mother proud.

Tina FergTina Ferg (left) joined Pi Gamma Mu through the Georgia Kappa chapter at North Georgia College & State University.  She is now in their Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program.  Ferg reported, "My career goals are to pursue forensic interviewing, establish a local child advocacy center and initiate an art therapy program in north Georgia."  Her skills "lie in the legal field by practice, criminal forensics by education, and soon counseling by education and training…I believe that the fields of law and counseling mesh perfectly when the goal is to save children from abuse."

Fatimah Finney (right) joined the Connecticut Alpha chapter while attending Trinity College.  She is now in the Boston College School of Education's program to receive her master's degree in Counseling Psychology.  Growing up, Finney "saw the devastating effects of unhealthy choices that remain unchecked.  Poor academic performance, fractured family structures, failed marriages and unemployment have plagued my community for so long that these issues have become the expected norm.  Thus, I want to become a mental health counselor because I want to change this perception of mental illness and show how mental health is important to all other forms of health."

Ashley Grant (left) graduated from Campbell University's North Carolina Mu chapter.  She is now in the Master of Education program at Campbell University with plans to teach History at the secondary education level with a specialization in world history.   According to Grant, "a Masters in History Education will enable me to better myself as both a historian and an educator and is an essential element that will allow me to achieve my long term goal of becoming a professor of history on the collegiate level."

Marissa Stevens (right) joined Pi Gamma Mu through the Pennsylvania Alpha Omicron chapter at Washington & Jefferson College.  She has matriculated to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).  She plans to study Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations in the Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Department.  According to Stevens, she plans to "study the Amarna Period of Ancient Egypt's history, a time defined by radically altered religious beliefs, a new center of government, and a rouge pharaoh brazen enough to try to enforce his policies on the empire.  Specifically, I intend to research Egyptian perceptions of death and dying during Amarna Period, placing an emphasis on studying the liminal status of the deceased and the dynamic between the deceased and the living. "  She intends to continue her study of hieroglyphs and hopes to gain practical skills as an archaeologist in the field and also work on university sponsored digs in Egypt.


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