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The mission of Pi Gamma Mu is to encourage and promote excellence in the social sciences and to uphold the ideals of scholarship and service.


Pi Gamma Mu Honors America's Past, Plans the World's Future
October 20-22, 2011 in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.
Russell Senate Office Building
Next month’s Pi Gamma Mu triennial international convention promises to be the most exciting, well-attended convention that we’ve ever had.  We want you to be there!  But deadlines for hotel reservations and convention registrations are approaching!

Registration - the fee is $18 per person, which must be received at headquarters by Monday, October 3.  This fee includes the dessert bar on Friday evening, October 21.  The registration form may be accessed by clicking here

Paper Proposals – Pi Gamma Mu student members may propose to present papers at the convention.  Pi Gamma Mu will pay for one night’s lodging at the Holiday Inn Airport Hotel in Arlington, Va., for each student member whose proposal is accepted and who presents his or her paper at the international convention. Paper presentations will be in the form of an oral presentation (with a PowerPoint presentation being an optional enhancement) or in the form of a poster at the convention.  Regardless of the presentation format, proposals for this convention must be submitted in the form of a completed research paper or, at a minimum, a complete draft of a paper.  One should submit his/her proposal to Dr. Charles W. Hartwig, chancellor of the South / Southwest Region of Pi Gamma Mu by E-mail to [email protected] (and send a "CC" to convention-committee chairman Barry D. Friedman at [email protected] ); attach the research paper as a Microsoft Word document and specify whether the student wishes to deliver an oral presentation or display a poster.  Other word-processing software is unacceptable.  Proposals must be received by the chairmen of the Committee of Readers and of the convention committee no later than Monday, September 19.  (Other members of the Committee of Readers:  Dr. Stephen E. Medvec, Holy Family University, Philadelphia, Penn., and Dr. Janice K. Purk, Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, Mansfield, Penn.)

The Convention Committee directs the following request to students who are planning to present papers: Congressional staff people are making arrangements for us to have space for our panels in a congressional-office building, and they have asked us to do a few things in return. So that we can address their needs, you can help us in either or both of these ways: (1) Please submit your proposals as far in advance of September 19 as possible; the congressional staff people would like to obtain the titles of as many papers as we can submit to them well in advance. (2) If you can, please cause some portion of the content of your paper to relate to the U. S. Congress and/or public policy. Compliance with these requests is voluntary and, to the extent that you can help us in these ways, you’ll be doing us a special favor.

If a student presents a poster, the poster must display (a) a summary of the research project, including the thesis statement or hypothesis, (b) an outline of the methodology and information discovered, and (c) the findings, including a statement of whether the thesis statement or hypothesis was supported or unsubstantiated.

Service Project – We are asking delegates to bring a stuffed animal to the convention. It would be nice to have the toys indicate what state they are representing (e.g., holding a state flag or wearing a ribbon with the name of the state on it). We will pretend to have a national Constitutional Convention for the proposal of amendments to the U. S. Constitution. The toys will be collected and donated to a local battered-women's shelter. One of the ideals of Pi Gamma Mu is Social Service, and we want to leave Washington, D.C., knowing that we were able to help some children.

The Convention Committee is hard at work fine-tuning the details of our convention in October.  We are starting an alumni group, and are encouraging alumni to participate.  If you live in the area, we would love to see you at the convention, or join us for any portion you are able to attend. 

Please consider some of the following suggestions as you make plans for the convention:

Hotel Reservations
We will be staying at the Holiday Inn Washington National Airport Hotel.  The convention rate is very affordable for this area at $119 per night for up to four persons per room.  To get this negotiated rate, please make your reservations by September 19.   To simplify making your hotel reservations, you can use the following link:

Chapter Delegate
Who will be your chapter’s official delegate to the Convention?  Any member chosen by the chapter can serve in this capacity.  Now is the time for officers, members and faculty advisors to give serious thought to the selection of the individual who will be named by the chapter president as your delegate.

The delegate should be knowledgeable about the chapter’s interests and activities and devoted to the advancement of Pi Gamma Mu.  That person may be a chapter officer, a very active member, or a faculty sponsor.  Participation in the Convention offers opportunities to stimulate intellectual life, develop leadership abilities, and meet members from other institutions.  The chapter delegate, after consultation with the chapter delegation, casts the chapter vote.

Chapter Delegations
A chapter may form its delegation with as many representatives as it wishes.  All delegates are welcome, including interested alumni.  Convention attendance is more than just taking a trip and having fun, though it is both of these things.  It involves high levels of energy, intellectual stimulation, and excitement.  There are networking opportunities and new friends to be made.

Student Representatives on the Board of Trustees
Chapters and delegations have the opportunity to nominate a candidate for one of the two student-representatives positions on the international Board of Trustees.  It is important to consider a candidate’s intent to serve the entire three-year term.  The student trustees' expenses for attendance at board functions will be reimbursed by Pi Gamma Mu.  Nominations will be accepted at the first student caucus.

Serving on the Board of Trustees is a rewarding, challenging, and important position worthy of Pi Gamma Mu’s best.  Words of a former student trustee, Teresa Houser, express responsibilities and rewards of serving:   “The primary responsibility of the student rep is to voice the concerns of the students of Pi Gamma Mu to the board of Trustees, and work with the Board to discover solutions to the needs of students and the organization.

“I hope that many of you consider serving Pi Gamma Mu through this challenging, rewarding, and important position.... We are always eager to hear what the students of Pi Gamma Mu see as new ways for self-improvement of our international organization.”



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Anytime you move, such as after graduation, please notify the Pi Gamma Mu office immediately.  We use your e-mail address to send out the Pi Gamma Mu Newsletter, so it is important that we have your current e-mail address. If the address we have for you is through your university it may not be available for you after graduation and you will not receive the newsletters.  Your mailing (postal) address is used to mail our journal, the International Social Science Review, so this information is also critical.  We want to remain in contact with you over the years.

We would appreciate it if you would send us your new mailing address and e-mail address.  You can e-mail us at, or through the Web site at  You can also mail a change-of-address card , post card, or letter with your name and old and new address to: Pi Gamma Mu, 1001 Millington, Suite B, Winfield, KS 67156.


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