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Pi Gamma Mu Scholarships

UPDATE - January 10, 2024

2024 SCHOLARSHIP REQUIREMENTS (application deadline May 1, 2024)

If you are a member of Pi Gamma Mu, you could qualify to be the recipient of a $2,500 award to attend graduate school.  Click here to learn about last year's scholarship recipients.  Why not be one of the next recipients?

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Only members of Pi Gamma Mu are eligible.
  • Scholarships are intended for first time graduate students. Students who have already earned an advanced degree are not eligible to apply.
  • The degree program must be in one of the following areas of study:  anthropology, criminal justice, economics, geography-human, gerontology, history, history of education, human services, international relations, political science, psychology, social philosophy, sociology, social work, as well as related interdisciplinary programs anchored in the Social Sciences, particularly those that focus on age, environment, ethnicity, gender, race, and regional studies.
  • Business Administration is specifically excluded from consideration.  
  • Other interdisciplinary fields will be considered on an individual basis based upon the degree to which the social sciences are an integral component of the overall course of study.  In such cases, applicants should submit a program description outlining requirements and coursework.

Previous recipients of Pi Gamma Mu scholarships are not eligible to apply again.

The personal statement of purpose (i.e., Why do I want to pursue graduate studies in the social sciences?) is quite important.  It should include information about the applicant's commitment to the social sciences and should have a professional appearance. Winners will be notified in late spring, with the grants awarded in the fall.  Only complete applications will be considered for awards.  No more than three scholarships will be given annually in any one graduate field.

Questions? Please contact Pi Gamma Mu Executive Director Suzanne Rupp at [email protected]


The annual deadline is February 15. In 2024, this deadline has been extended to May 1, 2024.  (In previous years the annual deadline was February 15.  Beginning in 2024 and moving forward, the annual deadline is May 1.)

How to Apply:

The scholarship application and all attachments (other than official transcripts) should be submitted via the online Scholarship Portal.  You will require a Google account.

All scholarship applications must contain the following components:

  • The online application form.

  • Personal statement.

    Submit a personal essay (about 500 words) stating why you have chosen your field of graduate study and what you hope to achieve by a career in this field. What are your future goals related to your graduate studies? What special qualities/skills/ training/expertise do you possess that will likely make you a success in your graduate work? What do you hope to contribute to the field of social science?
  • Resume.

    Recommendations. Provide the names of at least three people who will be providing you with recommendations using our online form.  The recommendations should be made by individuals qualified to assess your academic merit within the social sciences. Send the following link to your references:

    Note: It is the responsibility of applicants to ensure that recommendations have been submitted. 
  • Unofficial transcripts from all institutions of higher learning attended. Scholarship winners will be required to provide official transcripts that include the school's stamp or seal. 


The following scholarships are awarded—assuming a complete pool of qualified applicants—annually:


  •  Carroll Parish Scholarship ($2,500):  The international Board of Trustees funded this scholarship to memorialize Carroll Parish, late chancellor of Pi Gamma Mu's Western Region. 
  •  Daniel E. Quigley Law Scholarship ($2,500):  The international Board of Trustees funded this scholarship to memorialize Atty. Dan Quigley, Pi Gamma Mu's late legal counsel.  (For more information about Atty. Quigley, click here.)  The scholarship is awarded to a student for his or her first year of law school.
  •  Gordon E. Mercer Scholarship ($2,500): The international Board of Trustees established this scholarship to honor Dr. Gordon E. Mercer, Pi Gamma Mu's 13th international president.  The scholarship is awarded to a student for his or her first or second year of a graduate degree in Public Policy.
  •  Marvel Stockwell Scholarship ($2,500):  The international Board of Trustees funded this scholarship to memorialize Marvel Stockwell, late Pi Gamma Mu international first vice president. 
  •  Effie B. Urquhart Scholarship ($2,500):  The international Board of Trustees funded this scholarship to memorialize Effie B. Urquhart, Pi Gamma Mu's late national executive secretary.  (For more information about Mrs. Urquhart, click here.) 

The International Board of Trustees funds these scholarships, with support from donors who have indicated their support of this scholarship program with their financial gifts to Pi Gamma Mu.  For information about donating to help support this program, click here.

A friend of Pi Gamma Mu may endow a $2000-per-year named scholarship for a one-time donation of $50,000.  The scholarship may be named for the donor or for someone whom the donor wants to honor or memorialize.  For further information, contact Pi Gamma Mu's international office at (620) 221-3128.