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Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society in Social Sciences
International Honor Society in Social Sciences
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Recognizing outstanding social-science students—like you!

Message to Social-Science Honor Students

Social-science honor students deserve recognition for their accomplishments.  That's where Pi Gamma Mu comes in!  But if your college or university doesn't have a Pi Gamma Mu chapter, we need your help.

Dear Social-Science Student,

Pi Gamma Mu recognizes academic excellence in the fields of anthropology, criminal justice, economics, cultural geography, history, international relations, social philosophy, social work, sociology, political science, and psychology. Our mission is to encourage and promote excellence in the social sciences and to uphold the ideals of scholarship and service.  If you are an honor student in one of those disciplines of study, we want to recognize you with membership in Pi Gamma Mu.

All too often, honor students whose professors do not arrange for their initiation into an honor society receive no recognition at all for their achievement!

An important resource in the effort to charter and operate a Pi Gamma Mu chapter is a faculty member willing to sponsor the chapter and participate in its essential functions.  You may be able to identify such a faculty member.  If we can talk to you and the faculty member, we can activate the process of chartering a chapter at your school.

Pi Gamma Mu was founded in 1924 at the College of William & Mary in Virginia and Southwestern College in Kansas. The honor society is a member of, and provides leadership to, the national Association of College Honor Societies. Our members have included President Lyndon B. Johnson, anthropologist Margaret Mead, Rockefeller Foundation president Judith Rodin, U. S. Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa, and Harvard University sociology-department founder Pitirim Sorokin.

We make sure that honor students receive appropriate recognition and an array of membership services.

  • Membership CertificateEach initiate receives lifetime membership, an elegant membership certificate (comparable in quality to college diplomas), a membership card, a lapel pin, the online Pi Gamma Mu Newsletter, and online access to our well-regarded journal, the International Social Science Review (ISSR).
  • Our multidisciplinary approach allows people in various disciplines/majors to socialize with and learn from each other. A Pi Gamma Mu chapter can be the stimulus for interdepartmental gatherings of professors and/or students. Would you like to get a stimulating speaker for such a gathering? Pi Gamma Mu will contribute $300 to help you pay an honorarium! Some Pi Gamma Mu chapters operate social-service projects, so you can easily recruit collaborators to help implement such projects if service is a priority for you. (It's a priority to us, too, and every international convention features a social-service project.)
  • We encourage students to present their excellent research papers at Pi Gamma Mu conventions.  Presenting a paper can help jump-start students’ desire to pursue a graduate degree—and Pi Gamma Mu will often help pay for some of their travel expenses. Pi Gamma Mu holds an international convention every three years. By design, our conventions are student-oriented. Students establish bonds with other students from colleges and universities all over the United States and other countries as well.

Student members presented research papers at the 2011 triennial international convention in Washington, D. C.

  • Pi Gamma Mu offers a scholarship program in which student members compete for funding for graduate school. Every year, we present three scholarships for $2000 each and seven scholarships for $1000 each, for one year of graduate study. Any member of the society is eligible to apply as a graduating senior or as a prospective graduate student.
  • International Social Science ReviewStudents (as well as professors) have an opportunity to publish in an international journal. Virtually every edition of the International Social Science Review contains the work of at least one chapter sponsor and at least one student member of the honor society, and publishers have asked and received permission to reprint student-written articles in other widely distributed publications.
  • Pi Gamma Mu helps its members to look like Pi Gamma Mu members! We make attractive and fun items available to our members.  For example, we offer custom stoles (in white satin with our logo, greek letters, and name in blue stitching) and honor cords (in blue and white, Pi Gamma Mu's colors) to drape over your cap and gown when you graduate.  We also have clothing and novelty items available on our Web site.
  • Student members participate actively in governing Pi Gamma Mu!  At each triennial convention, the student members elect two students to serve on the international Board of Trustees for the new triennial (three-year) period.  Both student trustees then attend the annual board meetings during that triennium.

A Pi Gamma Mu chapter can enhance your college experience.

Starting a Pi Gamma Mu chapter is not difficult at all, and we'll guide you and your chapter's sponsor-designate through the process. If you send an E-mail message to our executive director at [email protected], or call at (620) 221-3128, we will give you a call and/or mail some easy-to-follow information to you, along with a copy of the ISSR. And please visit our Web page at .

Delegates engage in stimulating proceedings during a Pi Gmma Mu regional conference


We deeply appreciate your kindness in taking a few moments to read this message. Best regards from all of us at Pi Gamma Mu.